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What a Water Vole Survey by Adonis Ecology Can Do for You

If you need a professional Water Vole survey and report for a planning application or for legal compliance, if you need to keep costs down, and if you need to keep things running on time - you can have that and more with Adonis Ecology.

Our aim is to help create a situation where business and Water Vole conservation are on the same side - where you can have more value and help conserve wildlife at the same time. To achieve this, we not only look for ways to save you money while ensuring your development complies with relevant wildlife legislation and planning policy, we also look for ways to actually add value so that you can have more profit and achieve a development which you can be proud of for the way it protects and enhances habitat for rare wildlife such as Water Voles.

We would intend to develop a long term relationship with you as we have with our other survey clients, most of whom are professional developers and their advisors, such as architects, planning consultants, and chartered surveyors, so you will find that:

Your Water Vole survey and report from Adonis Ecology would achieve your goals in a highly cost-effective manner, because:

You can be confident that we deliver what we promise, as our quality system is ISO 9001:2008 quality assured.

Water Vole Surveys to confidently determine presence/absence can only be reliably undertaken between April and September, so if your business requires a Water Vole survey, contact us today to discuss your site and requirements in more detail so you don't miss the seasonal window - or you could have to wait for another year!

Water Vole Presence/Absence Survey

The survey would be carried out in accordance with Natural England guidelines, by an experienced ecologist who would assess the site for the potential to support Water Voles based on habitat features and signs of Water Vole presence. Signs of Water Voles looked for would typically include their droppings, latrines, burrows, feeding signs and footprints.

The field survey would aim to determine not only presence or absence, but also where on site and whether the population appeared to be small or large, the quality of habitat. This information would be used to determine the location, type and significance of impacts in order to produce appropriate and proportionate mitigation advice to ensure compliance with planning and legal requirements.

The typical outcomes of such a survey would be as follows:

If you think you may require a Water Vole survey, contact us today to discuss your site and requirements in more detail and to ensure you do not miss the seasonal survey window - or you may have to wait another year!


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