Invertebrate Survey - beetle on wood

Invertebrate Survey

Many invertebrate species are Biodiversity Action Plan species – and as such are material considerations for individual planning consents under PPS9. An invertebrate survey would determine whether there are protected or BAP invertebrates on your site.

Certain invertebrate species receive strict protection under Schedule 5 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and are therefore a legal consideration regardless of whether the activity on your site has planning or other consent.

Invertebrate habitat requirements are fundamental to creating good biodiversity on site – not only do invertebrates themselves comprise most of the biodiversity on Earth above micro-organism level, but they provide essential ecosystem services to plants and other animals.

With an Adonis Ecology invertebrate habitat survey (which typically involves a single site visit) you could know where key habitat features for invertebrates occur on your site and whether there is a significant likelihood of an important invertebrate assemblage occurring.

With an Adonis Ecology detailed invertebrate survey, the methods used are standard and repeatable – so can be used as a baseline for future monitoring if you need to monitor in future.

Whether you want an invertebrate habitat survey, detailed survey or monitoring of invertebrates, you are likely to need the sort of rapid and accurate services as supplied by Adonis Ecology. You would also find that Adonis Ecology reports don’t just give you lists of scientific names, but also the implications and recommendations for your site in plain English.

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Page Author: Richard Sands