Adonis Ecology - helping businesses with ecology issues to achieve their goals

How We Work

We aim to do our business in accordance with our values, and as such our service is based on the following:

  1. Communication. We take a pro-active approach to keeping you updated and informed.
  2. Fairness. For example, our charges are based on the amount and type of work involved - you will not be charged more than another client where we expect equivalent amount of work and expense.
  3. Objectiveness. We will tell the truth as we see it, no matter how unpopular that may make us with certain groups, and are respected for it.
  4. Accountability. For example, we give clear reasoning in our reports as to how we arrive at our conclusions, and our quality systems are audited and checked annually to ISO 9001:2008.
  5. Responsibility. We have clear health and safety and environmental policies and practices that go beyond minimum legal requirements to ensure that our clients as well as our staff and suppliers can be confident that we are protecting their health and environment.

If you would like to start experiencing the level of service provided by Adonis Ecology, contact us today to discuss your requirements.


Page Author: Richard Sands