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Ecological Surveys and Reports for Code for Sustainable Homes Assessment

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Why Use Adonis Ecology for Your Ecological Survey and Report for "The Code"

Whatever level of The Code you need, whether Code Level 3 or greater, if you need to gain credits cost-effectively and quickly - you can have that and more with a specialist Code for Sustainable Homes Ecological Survey and Report from Adonis Ecology.

The Ecology category of The Code contributes up to 12% of the score - more than any of the other categories apart from the Energy and Health categories. Potentially, these credits can be achieved effectively for you for relatively low cost - so long as you take on an ecological consultancy whose recommendations are cost-effective.

Our aim is to help create a situation where business and wildlife conservation is on the same side - where you can make more money and help conserve wildlife at the same time. To achieve this, we not only look for ways to save you money while ensuring your development gets as many credits as possible from The Code, we also look for ways to actually add value so that you can have more profit and achieve a development which you can be proud of for the way it protects and enhances habitat for wildlife.

We would intend to develop a long term relationship with you as we have with our other clients, most of whom are professional developers and their advisors, such as architects, planning consultants, and chartered surveyors, so you will find that:

Your Code for Sustainable Homes Ecological Survey and Report from Adonis Ecology would achieve your goals in a highly cost-effective manner, because:

You can be confident that we deliver what we promise, as our quality system is ISO 9001:2008 quality assured. In addition, here is an example from a client of Adonis Ecology of how our ecological surveys and reports can deliver for you:

"On behalf of PRP and I, we would like to thank you for your recent ecology report which you recently carried out. We were extremely impressed with your report which was thorough, very professional and excellent value for money. I must also thank you for your prompt response to my telephone call and for carrying out your inspection and preparing your report in such a short timescale. Rest assured I will have no hesitance in calling on you in the future or recommending you to others." David A. Hornbuckle FPCS MCECP. Brightsolo Ltd., Lincoln.

You can only gain maximum credits if the ecological survey is carried out at an early stage and all protected species issues are addressed, so contact us today to discuss your requirements so you don't miss out!

For more information on how we maximize credits for you from each issue in the Ecology Category (Category 9) of The Code for Sustainable Homes, see the following.

Maximizing Your Credits from "Ecological Value of Site" (Eco 1)

We can provide you with an accurate and objective evaluation of your site's ecology, verified by a "suitably qualified ecologist", using our unique point-scoring method for assessing ecological value. We can also give you advice on how to ensure that any land of ecological value outside the construction zone but within the development zone remains undisturbed by construction works, thereby maximizing your potential credits from this issue.

Maximizing Your Credits from "Ecological Enhancement" (Eco 2)

We would give you ecological enhancement recommendations that are simple and effective to implement. We do this by focussing on which aspect of biodiversity could be realistically helped most on site in a manner that fits with your development. This way, you can maximize your credits and help biodiversity effectively for least hassle and cost.

Maximizing Your Credits from "Protection of Ecological Features" (Eco 3)

We can provide you with the most cost-effective solutions for protecting ecological features on site including ways to avoid impact on protected species, saving you time and money compared with mitigation, as well as helping you gain as many credits as possible from this issue.

Maximizing Your Credits from "Change in Ecological Value of Site" (Eco 4)

We would aim to provide you with planting advice that is practical and suitable for your development, while gaining you as many credits as possible. We are familiar with a range of planting options that can be used in developments so that we can help you get as many credits as the planting space on site reasonably allows.

Maximizing Your Credits from "Building Footprint" (Eco 5)

The credits to be achieved from this issue are set at the building design stage, and largely depend on the number of floors to the new development. We would normally assess this issue in consultation with your architect to ensure accurate numbers are used.

To gain credits cost-effectively from The Code for Sustainable Homes, we need to be involved at as early a stage as possible - so contact us today to discuss your requirements so you don't miss out!


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