Botanical Survey - Bluebell Wood

Botanical Survey

Some habitats are protected under Annex 1 of the EC Habitats Directive, and many more are Biodiversity Action Plan habitats – and as such are material considerations for individual planning consents under PPS9. A botanical survey, such as an NVC (National Vegetation Classification) survey, would determine whether there are protected or BAP habitats on your site.

Certain plant species receive strict protection under Schedule 8 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and are therefore a legal consideration regardless of whether the activity on your site has planning or other consent.

Plants are also fundamental to terrestrial ecosystems, so understanding the plants and plant habitats on your site is important for managing site biodiversity.

Whether you want an NVC survey, a survey for a particular species or a plant species list for your site, you are likely to need the sort of rapid and accurate services as supplied by Adonis Ecology. You would also find that Adonis Ecology reports don’t just give you lists of scientific names, but also the implications and recommendations for your site in plain English.

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Page Author: Richard Sands