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Ecological Consultancy for Planning Applications and Legal Compliance

Why you need us

Achieve your goals in business and comply with wildlife legislation and policy – Adonis Ecology can help you with fast, effective ecological consultancy services in the UK.

This website provides you with access to useful tips to help save you time and money in dealing with ecology issues, information on ecology surveys and reporting, and how to contact Adonis Ecology.

Not taking ecology seriously enough can lead to severe problems – unexpected, long delays for building projects (can be a year or more), significantly increased costs (typically at least in the tens of thousands or more, even for small projects), planning permission refusals or even being prosecuted. Good quality advice from our ecological consultancy can save you from experiencing these problems.

You will get far more value from us than from other consultancies. The difference in the value we give you will be many times the cost of the work we carry out. Here is how we give you that much greater value:

  1. You only pay for ecology work relevant to the outcome you want - we stick to the point!
  2. You get more for your money - we get through more in fewer site visits.
  3. You get the most cost-effective solution - we tailor solutions to your situation.
  4. You save time - we get your desired outcome for you quicker.
  5. You have less hassle - we give you a smoother ride through the planning process, and are proactive in our communications.
  6. You get added value – we give you recommendations for biodiversity enhancements that can assist planning and add value to your development.

The evidence: what our clients say about us:

"On behalf of PRP and I, we would like to thank you for your recent ecology report which you recently carried out. We were extremely impressed with your report which was thorough, very professional and excellent value for money. I must also thank you for your prompt response to my telephone call and for carrying out your inspection and preparing your report in such a short timescale. Rest assured I will have no hesitance in calling on you in the future or recommending you to others." David A. Hornbuckle FPCS MCECP. Brightsolo Ltd., Lincoln.

"I would therefore like to thank you formally for your help in progressing the project through to a successful planning application. We were pleased with your work and you kept us informed at each stage. Your service provided excellent value for money." Phil Robinson, Moseley Railway Trust, Staffordshire.

"We found Adonis Ecology to be professional, informed and thorough having used their services for a protected species survey at a large site in Essex. The survey was carried out quickly, with minimum fuss and disruption and the results were presented in a clear and concise in depth report. We would have no hesitation in recommending them and we look forward to working with Adonis Ecology again on future projects." Matthew Denyer, MASIA Ltd., Buckinghamshire.

Some ecological surveys have to be done at very specific times of year, so to avoid unwanted delays and to start to experience our service, contact us at Adonis Ecology today to discuss your requirements.

For more information on the sort of ecological consultancy service you can expect from us, see the following.

Getting More Value for you with More Biodiversity

Our aim is to help create a situation where business and biodiversity is on the same side - where you can make more money and help biodiversity at the same time. To achieve this, we not only look for ways to save you money while ensuring your development complies with relevant wildlife legislation and planning policy, we also look for ways to actually add value so that you can have more profit and achieve a development which you can be proud of for the way it protects and enhances biodiversity.

More Certainty

We believe in helping our clients avoid surprises - to which end we provide information on likely outcomes ahead of time. This includes not only costs, but also potential mitigation and time implications from surveys. Our surveys and assessments comply with industry standards and best practice, and by undertaking consultations where appropriate at an early stage, we can ensure your project progresses smoothly with only the proportionate surveys and mitigation needed. Our standards are quality assured to ISO 9001:2008 - we are visited annually to ensure that our quality system is functioning properly and continually developing.

Local Knowledge

With our main office based in Suffolk and a branch in Norwich, most of our work comes from East Anglia and South East England, giving us particularly detailed knowledge of the typical ecology issues involved with planning applications and legal compliance in this area. For the more further afield sites (we have had sites as far as Wales, Cornwall and County Durham), we are assisted by our network of local specialist subconsultants. That way you keep the advantage of local knowledge and cost-effectiveness together with our quality of delivery and a low carbon footprint.

Stronger Business Relationships

We believe in having a business built on long-term relationships for solid success. Our most loyal clients who keep coming back to us with new projects year after year have typically experienced the services of other ecological consultancies before finding us. We therefore appreciate that your loyalty is something that we have to earn and that we can never take for granted. Key to this is our belief in developing exceptional, pro-active communications with our clients and a high degree of accountability.

Some ecological surveys have to be done at very specific times of year, so to avoid unwanted delays and to start to experience our service, contact us at Adonis Ecology today to discuss your requirements.


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