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Join the many clients from blue-chip companies to small developers that we have helped over the last 12 years to resolve their ecology issues. Our advanced assessment methods, combined with our positive approach to development with wildlife, can save and add value to your property with biodiversity.

An example of what our clients say:

"We found Adonis Ecology to be professional, informed and thorough having used their services for a protected species survey at a large site in Essex. The survey was carried out quickly, with minimum fuss and disruption and the results were presented in a clear and concise in depth report. We would have no hesitation in recommending them and we look forward to working with Adonis Ecology again on future projects. " Matthew Denyer, MASIA Ltd., Buckinghamshire.

Ecological Surveys and Reports

Ecological surveys and reports show you whether you have ecology issues on your site and how to resolve them so that you can achieve your aims. Using probably the most scientific and advanced evaluation methods in the industry, we give you more certainty and reduced risk of delays.

Tree Surveys and Reports

Tree surveys show you the value of the trees on your site and how they can be protected during development. For many sites we are able to combine our ecology surveys and tree surveys to BS 5837:2012, saving you time and helping you get more for your investment.

Bat Surveys

Bat surveys identify whether bats may be affected by your proposed works and how they can be protected during development to help you comply with wildlife laws. Using our advanced assessment method, we are able to more precisely calculate your bat risk on the first visit, reducing the risk to you of additional costs from further surveys.

Protected Species Surveys and Other Surveys

Initial assessments show you whether you may have a particular protected species on your site. More detailed surveys find out for you whether the protected species or other biodiversity issue is indeed present or not, and if so, the numbers or extent, so that suitable ways can be designed to help you comply with wildlife laws and related planning requirements. We help you avoid impacts wherever possible, reducing potential costs and delays from further surveys and mitigation.

For more information on protected species surveys and other surveys, click on the relevant ecology service:

Let us help you

If you need an ecological service that is reliable and credible, trusted by companies, government bodies and individuals to resolve their ecology issues, we can provide that for you. Our belief is that biodiversity and development can and should be on the same side, and we aim to use biodiversity to add value for you.

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